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Aquatic Mosses

The bryophytes are attractive, easy and beneficial "plants” to add to your aquarium.

By Rus Wilson |

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I was introduced to the verdant world of aquarium mosses as a teenager. Shortly after purchasing some guppies, I noticed a tiny sprig of green on the bottom of the quarantine tank, perhaps a centimeter long; no doubt this serendipitous speck of greenery had been included unnoticed in the bag my fish came in. Over the ensuing weeks and months, I watched with growing fascination as the tiny fronds of moss spread. Soon, I began to take clumps of the accidental treasure and "seed” my other tanks with it. Before long, I had plenty to spare, and I was using it as a spawning medium for zebra danios (Danio rerio) and white clouds (Tanichthys albonubes). I enjoyed that moss for years, and my experience with it led me to become a bit of a bryophile: a moss-lover.

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Aquatic Mosses

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