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February 2008

The Veilfinned Neon Tetra Resurfaces!
After a 20-year hiatus, the veilfinned neon tetra seems to be returning to the hobby.
By Petr Zelenka

Avoid Invert Mayhem
Emphasis is put on reef-safe fish -- but the invert factor is also integral to a peaceful reef tank.
By Tim Hayes

A Central American Biotope: Step by Step

Provide the comforts of a Central American home.
By Iggy Tavares

Chromis: Extraordinary Damsels
Exempt from typical damsel stereotypes, Chromis are well behaved.
By Scott W. Michael

Intriguing African Plants
Some old hobby favorites come from this continent.
By Oliver Lucanus

Turf Wars
Why some fish just won't share their space.
By Miller Morgan

Beyond Basics: Monitoring Reef Biology
Creating a biological record of your reef tank can be quite fascinating for reefkeepers.
By Alf Jacob Nilsen

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    By David A. Lass
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    By Scott Hieber
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    By Mike Wickham
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