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Aquarium Fish International Magazine Bonus Material 2011

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2011 Aquarium Fish International Exclusive Magazine Bonus Material>>


July 2012
July 2012 AFI
bullet Marine Symbiosis
There are many types of symbiotic relationships in the ocean, and you can even view some in your home aquarium. More>>
By Scott W. Michael
bullet Marine Aquariums at Home and Abroad
Both in the United States and Europe, hobbyists display stunning marine aquariums. More>>
By Iggy Tavares, Ph.D

June 2012
AFI June 2012
bullet Marine Sand-Dwellers
From garden eels to soles, you can keep fish from the sand slope biotope. More>>
By Scott W. Michael
bullet Art of the Planted Aquarium Show
This international planted aquarium show in Germany continues to grow. Bonus content >>
By Oliver Lucanus

May 2012
AFI May 2012
bullet Seven Tips for Quarantine
Follow these seven tips to ensure a successful quarantine of all your animals. Bonus Content>>
By Andy Ternay

April 2012
April AFI
bullet Dive into Bonaire
Even if you can’t dive Bonaire’s reefs, you can still assemble one of these Bonaire biotope aquariums in your home. More>>
By Scott W. Michael
bullet Exploring Brazil's Pantanal
Consider Brazil's Watery Wilderness -- the Pantanal -- Before You Kick the Bucket. Bonus content>>
By Clay Jackson

March 2012
March 2012
bullet Create a Safari in Your Tank
A Rift Lake aquarium dedicated to cichlids from Africa's Lake Tanganyika is not too difficult to create, and it will unlock untold joys. Bonus content>>
By Rick and Tamela Biro
bullet A Breeding Challenge: Checkerboard Cichlids
Only experienced aquarists should attempt keeping and breeding dwarf cichlids in the Dicrossus genus. More>>
By Wolfgang Staeck, Ph.D
bullet Guard Crabs
Coral-associated crabs can be beneficial additions to reef aquariums containing SPS corals. More>>
By Scott W. Michael
bullet Sunburst Anthias
The diminutive sunburst anthias is different than most fancy sea basses in that it is more suitable for captivity. More>>
By Bob Fenner
bullet Moorish Idols: The Ultimate Challenge
The Moorish idol usually does not survive in captivity, but following these tips may increase your chances of success. More>>
By Scott Vallembois
February 2012
Aquarium Fish International
bullet Marine Fish Feeding Guilds
To provide the best care for your captive reef fish, know what they eat and how to feed them. Bonus content
By Scott W. Michael
bullet Parkinson's Rainbowfish
The hardy Melanotaenia parkinsoni may be bland as a juvenile, but it bursts with beauty when it comes of age. More>>
By David A. Lass
bullet The Likeable Botia Loaches
Learn about loaches in general, as well as nine popular species to look for in your local fish store. More>>
By Joshua Wiegert
bullet Monster Fish, Monster Requirements
Before buying monster fish, learn what's in store for you after they grow to adult size. More>>
By Mike Wickham
bullet Gobies and Pistol Shrimp 
Observe the hidden life of gobies and their pistol shrimp associates in their burrows. More>>
By Scott Vallembois
January 2012
Aquarium Fish International January 2012
bullet A Plethora of Polychaetes
Animals in the class Polychaeta can be beneficial (and sometimes beautiful) additions to the home aquarium. Bonus content
By Scott W. Michael
bullet Uarus: Gentle Giants
The rare uarus from South America are peaceful cichlids for your aquarium. More>>
By David A. Lass
bullet Go With the Flow
How water flow works and why it's needed in our aquariums. More>>
By James B. Wood., Ph.D.
bullet Aquarium Plants in Nature
The plants we see in our aquariums can grow differently in the wild. More>>
By Oliver Lucanus
bullet Choosing a Saltwater Tank 
There are many decisions to make before setting up a saltwater tank — so to be sure to make the right ones. More>>
By Scott Vallembois


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