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Out-of-the-Ordinary Reef Fish

Shrimpfishes, ghost pipefishes and sea moths are striking syngnathid fishes that are reef-safe.

By Scott W. Michael |

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There are thousands of fish species that occupy coral reef habitats. Many of them exhibit unusual body plans and lifestyles that help them survive in the various niches available. Three out-of-the-ordinary reef fish families that are occasionally available to aquarists are the shrimpfishes (Centriscidae family), ghost pipefishes (Solenostomidae) and sea moths (Pegasidae). All three of these families belong to the order Syngnathiformes, along with the beloved seahorses, pipefishes, coronetfishes and trumpetfishes. These interesting fishes can be successfully housed in the home aquarium, but they all present husbandry challenges that you should carefully consider before adding any to your "captive ocean.”

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Out-of-the-Ordinary Reef Fish

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