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Fish as School Incentives

An idea like this middle school's Stay in Schools" program can boost students' attendance - and interest in fish.

By Mark Johnson |

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If you are a member of a fish club, look around the room the next time you go to one of your meetings. What types of people make up the majority of your membership? Are they middle-aged? Are they mostly men? A few wives? The children of regular attending members? Where is the future of the hobby? What does your club do to draw the attention of potential members? Our club meetings are filled with all of the above, but mostly familiar faces - the same ones I have seen off and on for the last six or seven years. Honestly, most of the long-standing members of our fish club have outlived most of the species that we keep, whether it be the 12-year-old discus or the 20-year-old rainbowfish. On the other end of the spectrum, there are members or meeting visitors who have the life span or cycle of the killifish: They're there for a year and gone, or are dormant for a long time and resurface through the years at an occasional meeting or auction.

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Fish as School Incentives

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