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December 2009 AFI Editor's Note

Aquarium Fish International has Content for Everyone

By Patricia Knight |

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You probably already noticed on the cover that this is the special kids' issue - but of course, we're not excluding anyone! We have content for readers of all ages this month.

One article worth pointing out is Scott Michael's "Mollusk Musings." A lot of aquarists probably already know that octopuses are extremely intelligent, so it's a lot of fun to read about them. You can also find out about keeping clams in this article. These animals are not for everyone - but even if you're not ready to keep one right now, it might be something to look forward to.

Also, a lot of people think about turning their hobby into a job - have you ever considered turning your love of fish into a job? Working with fish may or may not lead to a full career for some people - some jobs certainly lend themselves to that, such as being a marine biologist or public aquarist. However, there are other types of part-time or freelance work  that you might consider, as well, that involve working with fish. For more info, read "Careers for Fishlovers," which is written by various authors who are all experts in their given section.

Since this is the kids' issue, we should also point out a special expanded FishKidz section with even more games. And if you happen to be a teacher who would like to start some type of fish-related activities in your class, there's Mark Johnson's "Fish as Student Incentives," which describes a special program in a middle school that uses fish and aquariums as rewards for good attendance.

We also just wanted to quickly bring your attention to a new fish book just released, "Ask the Fish Keeper" by Marc Moronne, published by our book division, BowTie Press. Marc Moronne, who is Martha Stewart's resident petkeeper and host of "The Pet Shop," answers some common concerns in this new book. Be sure to check it out!

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December 2009 AFI Editor's Note

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