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Write to us at, P.O. Box 6050, Mission Viejo, CA 92690-6050.

You must include your full name, city and state, and daytime phone number (optional) for all submissions. If you are sending a question for one of our columnists, please include the column name.

Ask the Columnist Categories:

AquaBotanist - questions about live plants.
Breeding Column - suggest a certain species of fish to be featured in the “Adventures in Fish Breeding” column.
FishKidz - questions from young people about their setups and fish.
Freshwater Forum - questions about freshwater setups, equipment and the mechanics of freshwater tanks.
Freshwater Q&A - questions about freshwater fish.
In the Fish Room - requests from manufacturers for product reviews.
Marine Breeding Column - readers will suggest a certain species of fish to be featured in “The Mariculturalist” column.
Letters to the Editor - feedback/questions about the magazine or website; article/photo submission queries.
Reef Aquarist - questions specific to corals, other invertebrates and reefkeeping in general.
Saltwater Q&A - questions about saltwater fish and marine setups in general.
Sand Mail - questions about reef filtration using natural techniques.
Wet Vet - questions about fish diseases, ailments and health.


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Columnist Questions:

For columnist questions, please be sure to include as much information about your aquarium (such as pH, inhabitants, temperature, etc.) as possible, as this information can help answer your questions. If you have a reef tank or planted freshwater aquarium, please make sure to include information on your lighting and any supplements you add to the tank. In all cases, be specific about the fish species you keep.

Due to the volume of “Ask the Columnist” submissions, there is no guarantee that all questions will be answered. Columnists may respond personally, but this also is not a guarantee; we suggest checking future issues of the magazine in case our columnists answered your question in the magazine. Correspondence that appears in the magazine may be edited for length and clarity.

If you have an animal that is ill, we urge you to seek immediate help. Try posting something on the FishChannel Forums to seek advice from fellow fishkeepers, consult with a local aquarium society or knowledgeable staff at a local fish store. Do not delay treatment of your fish while waiting for a possible response to your e-mail. While we will forward your question to one of our columnists, the answer may not come quickly enough to save your fish.

Aquarist of the Month Contest:

Do you love keeping fish? You could be an Aquarium Fish International “Aquarist of the Month!" Aquarist of the Month is a section in Aquarium Fish International magazine where we spotlight one of our readers. All you have to do is answer five questions and send us a photo (of you or you with your aquarium). Each month, one aquarist will be featured in the magazine. You don’t need to have a huge fish room to be considered—all aquarists who love the hobby are encouraged to enter. And in addition to being featured in the magazine, you will win a prize from that month’s sponsor! (Sponsor and prizes will vary.) Click here to enter

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