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Reef Invert Rumors

Are the bad reputations of these four reef inverts merely fiction, or do they deserve their bum raps?

By Scott W. Michael |

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Many celebrities (and even noncelebs) have had their reputations sullied on the Internet. It is easy to get online and say bad things about others anonymously. In some cases, these rumors prove to be true — but in other cases, they are false. This does not only occur with Homo sapiens — there are also some marine invertebrates that have had their reputations besmirched on Internet forums and blogs. In this article, I’m going to take a look at four of these invertebrates. All four are species that can be useful in providing natural control of some of the problems we encounter in our reef aquariums. However, they are also reported to have some negative qualities by those in the reefkeeping community. So let’s investigate to see if the "rumors” spread about them are true or not!

Brown Blotch Snail
There are a number of snails employed to help turn the upper layers of the sandbed and scavenge on uneaten food items. Most of these are small, relatively bland-looking snails. The members of the genus Nassarius are probably most often utilized in this role. Their common name "mud snails” attests not only to their habitat preferences but also to their not-so-sexy appearance.

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