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Fishkeeping Fixes

The best way to deal with common problems is to prevent them from ever showing up.

By Miller Morgan |

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A new aquarium can be a source of joy and pride. It doesn’t take long, however, for things to happen that are not so joyful. These problems can be serious or just annoying. They not only have a negative effect on our enjoyment of the aquarium we’ve spent so much time, effort and money to create, but they also can have a deadly effect on the animals we keep. The former may seem serious but can often be remedied with modest effort. The latter are often mysterious in origin and thus even more frustrating — enough that some aquarists leave the hobby.

I’m going to cover a modest number of problems that are particularly common in freshwater setups. Most problems are really the result of the aquarist not knowing the basics of aquarium management and fishkeeping. Reading, learning from experience and asking questions are part of the process of becoming a proficient aquarist. Then you’ll be able to pass along what you’ve learned to those who are just starting out just like you were.

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