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August 2007

New From Aquarium Frontiers!
Ready for a Change?

Consider some marine fish besides the “usual suspects” that aren’t necessary oddballs, either.
By Tim Hayes

The Many Methods of Egg-layers
Discover the diversity involved in egg-laying.
By Roy Osmint

In This Corner...

The Jack Dempsey Cichlid
They’re actually not heavyweights, by most Central American cichlid standards.
By Oliver Lucanus

Fast and Slow-Growth Plants
(Part Two): Slow Growth
Slow-growers are great for planting as ground cover or for use in the foreground.
By Scott Hieber

The One and Only Premnas
The maroon clownfish is bold and beautiful — and the only member of its genus.
By Scott W. Michael

The Color-Changing Chameleonfish 
Blending into the hobby for years, the chameleonfish (Badis badis) is quite a treasure.
By Mike Hellweg

Species Profile: Giant Gourami
The gentle giant gouramis are great “pet” fish — but only if you have a really large setup.
By David A. Lass

Filtration: Past, Present and Future
With all the filtration developments over the years, there’s a filter to fit every aquarist’s need.
By Mike Hellweg

Breeding Cardinal Tetras
Breed this beauty with confidence and know-how.
By Mary Sweeney

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