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Freshwater Sharks

These freshwater "sharks” are sharklike in shape but not behavior — they can actually be peaceful tankmates.

By Mike Wickham |

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An aquarium needs a variety of fish to make it interesting. It needs scavengers for housekeeping, midwater schooling species for activity, top-dwellers to fill out the view and oddballs to spice things up. Aquarists can fulfill all of these requirements by choosing species from the various fish that we call freshwater sharks.

The freshwater "shark” name comes from the shapes of the fish themselves — particularly those with large, sharklike dorsal fins. They remind us of sharks a bit in appearance but rarely in behavior. Some are mainly herbivorous. All can mix in a community — though not necessarily the same community because of the extreme differences in adult size.

In any case, freshwater sharks are attractive, fun and might be the right choice for you. So let’s look at some of the species you might be lucky enough to find in the local shops.

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Freshwater Sharks

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