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April 2010 Aquarium Fish International Editor's Note

Involved in the Hobby

By Patricia Knight |

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Most people start out in the hobby keeping fairly easy fish (hopefully), then “move up” to more difficult species or specialized setups. The great thing about this hobby is that there a lot of different aspects of the hobby to advance into. If you want to stay in the freshwater realm, for example, you can venture into plantkeeping, which can be very worthwhile, resulting in some beautiful tanks. You can also keep a species tank with just one type of fish that has specific needs or keep a cichlid tank.

On the saltwater side, you can keep some more delicate inverts or reef tanks. One animal that falls into the former category are sea slugs. While they may be considered pests, sea slugs can also be helpful animals — they’re also extremely interesting and have unusual ways of protecting themselves from would-be predators. Scott Michael talks about sea slugs this issue in “Slugs in the Reef Tank.”

Also, you’ll find a pond article, “A Year With Your Pond” by Miller Morgan, in this issue. In reality, pondkeeping can be a much different endeavor than aquariumkeeping — some people do move up to pondkeeping, but many people are just interested in keeping ponds as a water feature. Yet a lot of fishkeepers may delve into pondkeeping at some point, and it’s important to know the maintenance required through different types of weather that the pond may encounter.

And if you are just starting out, check out our guppy article, “Fascinating Fancy & Common Guppies” by Mary Sweeney. Whatever your level of fishkeeping, we’ve got you covered!

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