Fish Species at
January 2007

Delving into Deep Sand Beds
Are these ticking time-bombs for reef aquarists?
By Richard Harker

MACNA XVIII: Houston Highlights
Great moments captured at this year’s MACNA event.

Great Gouramis
Some gouramis are good inhabitants for home aquariums.
By David A. Lass

Get a Grip on Aggression
Rough fish defy the concept of peaceful tanks — but there are ways to deal with this problem.
By Mike Wickham

Species Profile: Mollies
These livebearers come in a variety of colors and patterns.
By David Lass

When a Good Tank Goes Bad
What to do when all is not right in your aquarium.
By Mary Sweeney

A Marine Catfish: The Striped Eel Cat
There aren’t as many different types as freshwater species,  but marine cats for aquaria do exist.
By Scott W. Michael

The Big Fish Campaign
This UK campaign strives to educate aquarists on how large fish can mean equally big problems.
By Tim Hayes

The Aquarium Fish Magazine 2006 Article Index
Find out if AFM published information on a particular fish or aquarium topic during 2006 using this yearly reference.

Some Tempting Sweetlips
Juvenile painted and slate sweetlips may look great in your tank,  but are they right for your setup?
By Dr. David D. Sands

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