Fish Species at
February 2007

Copepods as Live Foods
These organisms are uniquely valuable for enhancing survival of  baby marine fish.
By Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D.

About Water Conditioners and Supplements
Which ones are right for your setup?
By Lee Newman

How Safe are “Reef-Safe” Fish in Your Tank?
Several factors can drive good reef fish to eat corals.
By Scott W. Michael

Fancy Fish for Fish Fanciers
The efforts of skilled breeders have resulted in various colors  and more.
By Mike Wickham

Discover the Dianema
Meet the Dianema: cousins of the popular Corydoras.
By Dr. David Sands

Species Profile: Chinese Sailfin
Be aware that these fish get large and lose their juvenile coloring.
By David A. Lass

Fish Training
Dolphins and dogs can be trained — but did you know that fish can, too?
By Elisa Jordan

Fish Rap: Where Readers Sound Off
Find out what fellow aquarists believe about the hobby’s role as it affects coral reefs.

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