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Articles on Saltwater Tank Conditions

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butterfly fish

Fish Medication Half Dose
Why half dose with fish medication?

Reef Aquarium Health Plan
Preventing and controlling disease in our reef aquariums.

Using Freshwater to Treat Saltwater Fish
A freshwater bath is a useful treatment for saltwater parasites.

Pufferfish Teeth Care
In captivity pufferfish rarely eat as much crunchy food as they do in the wild, and their teeth can grow faster than they are worn away.

I have Aiptasia all over my tank and have been told I need to add a filefish.

Saltwater Hair Algae
Hair algae has taken over my live rock and smothered my corals.

Anemones Losing Colors
Anemones may lose their color if the tank is not appropriate for housing an anemone.

Silent Killers in the Marine Aquarium
Checking a reef aquarium's vitals may keep your fish in healthy mode.

Coral and Invertebrate Quarantine Procedures
Decrease the chances of adding fish or coral diseases into your display tank.

Disappearing Fish
Mysterious fish disappearances are not uncommon in reef aquariums.

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