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corydoras cat A healthy aquarium is easier to maintain than a sick aquarium. Read up on how to maintain a healthy fish tank to make the hobby enjoyable.

How to Avoid New Tank Syndrome
New tank syndrome is a water quality problem.

Prepare for New Fish
Be prepared to house your new fish by quarantining and properly cycling the display aquarium.

Stress and Gill Damage
In most fish it is the gills that function to extract oxygen from the water.

Identifying and Treating Swim Bladder Disease
What we call 'swim bladder disease' is more a syndrome than a specific disease

Overcoming the Shimmies in Tropical Fish
While most associated with mollies and guppies, the 'shimmies' can affect many other types of fish as well.

Fish Medications at a Glance
When treating aquarium fish infections, diseases or parasites, use these medications or natural remedies.

Aquarium Fish Euthanasia
Euthanizing and disposing of aquarium fish.

Aquarium Water Chemistry Basics
Appropriate water chemistry is of vital importance to the health of your aquarium fish.

Fish Cloudy Eyes
Do you know what causes cloudy eyes in aquarium fish, and is there any way I can treat it?

Aquarium Filter Maintenance
Aquarium filter types and maintenance.

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