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freshwater-snails Your tank's water condition is the single most important factor in keeping fish. Learn tips on ensuring the water remains pristine.

Dreaded Dropsy
Dropsy is an external sign of an internal problem.

Causes of Dropsy Symptoms
What are the causes of the symptoms of dropsy?

Dropsy (edema), Malawi Bloat and Similar Syndromes
Identification, pathology, treatment and prevention for dropsy (edema), Malawi bloat and similar syndromes in aquarium fish.

Farewell to Fungus
Learn how to diagnose these common fungal infections.

Aquarium Fish Constipation
Keep your aquarium fish free of constipation.

Fish Medication Half Dose
Why half dose with fish medication?

Fish Parasites
Parasites are a group of organisms that may or may not cause illness in aquarium fish, depending on a number of factors.

How to Avoid New Tank Syndrome
New tank syndrome is a water quality problem.

Getting Rid of Ich on Fish and Aquariums
White spot disease, or ich, is caused by infestations of the parasite Ichthyophthirius multifiliis on fish.

Prepare for New Fish
Be prepared to house your new fish by quarantining and properly cycling the display aquarium.

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