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Using Freshwater to Treat Saltwater Fish
A freshwater bath is a useful treatment for saltwater parasites.

Saltwater Fish, Freshwater Dips
Freshwater dips provide a useful method for controlling the spread of external parasites on saltwater fish.

Stress and Aquarium Fish Disease
Stress and the immune response of aquarium fish to disease-causing organisms.

Disease Information and Prevention Articles
Find articles and information on fish diseases and disease prevention.

Hexamita: Fish Hole in the Head Disease
Identification and treatment of Hexamita or fish hole in the head disease.

10 Marine Fish Diseases and Conditions and How to Treat Them
Minimize the impact of common tropical marine fish health concerns.

I have Aiptasia all over my tank and have been told I need to add a filefish.

Silent Killers in the Marine Aquarium
Checking a reef aquarium's vitals may keep your fish in healthy mode.

Because it commonly affects wild-caught clownfish, brooklynellosis is often known as clownfish disease. Brooklynellosis is caused by a protozoan parasite called Brooklynella hostilis.

Common Marine Fish Diseases
Be prepared to treat ich, marine velvet and anemonefish disease before your marine fish get sick.

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