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Treating Fin Rot and Fungus
Do salt and higher temperatures get rid of fin rot and fungus?

Treating Marine Ich with Hypo-Salinity
Is hypo-salinity a safe way to treat marine ich?

Aquarium Fish Deformities
Deformities are most commonly seen when aquarium fish have been inbred, though poor housing and diet can also cause them.

Aquarium Fish Mouth Fungus
Mouth fungus in aquarium fish is a bacterial infection, and needs to be treated with antibiotic or antibacterial medications.

Common Tropical Fish Diseases
The symptoms, diseases, and remedies for the most common fish maladies

Damaged Oscar Eyes
The eyes are vulnerable structures, which may explain why so many fish species target them in serious bouts of aggression.

Dealing With Dropsy
Keep your fish from falling victim to dropsy.

Clinical Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment of Ich.
Ichthyopthirius multifiliis is one of the most common and potentially deadly parasites encountered with tropical fish.

Lymphocystis Disease in Your Pond Fish
Lymphocystis disease is not an attractive condition in pond fish, but it's also not fatal.

Avoid Shotgun" Medicines When Treating Fish Disease
Don't over-medicate your tropical and marine fish

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