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Poecilia petenensis Choosing fish is by far the most fun aspect of fishkeeping, but before you do so, do your research to ensure that the fish you choose are compatible not only with each other, but with your lifestyle as well.

11 Freshwater Fish Beginning Fishkeepers Should Avoid
While these fish can be kept, they are more challenging to keep for those new to the hobby.

Aquarium Setup and Care Tips for Anableps anableps
How to care for the four-eyed fish.

The Betta Fish: Fact vs Fiction
Learn the facts about these easy-to-keep, popular fish.

Choosing and Caring For The Betta Fish
For Siamese fighting fish success, choose the best Betta splendens specimen and keep it in an appropriate tank.

Breeding the Goddess Killifish
Breeding tips and tank requirements for Aphyosemion hera.

Breeding Least Killifish
Heterandria formosa is one of the tiniest fish, with females reaching just one inch in length.

Characteristics of Endler's livebearers versus guppies
Although they can look similar at first glance, there are distinct differences between Endler's livebearers and guppies.

Breeding The Eyespot Betta
Despite its reputation, the eye-spot betta is not difficult to breed.

Figure 8 Pufferfish Care Tips
Figure 8 puffers are fish with character. They are small and remain colorful into adulthood, thus making them ideal for larger brackish setups.

Four Popular Types of South American Catfish for Your Aquarium
While there are many South American catfish, these peculiar species are worth a closer look.

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