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Poecilia petenensis Choosing fish is by far the most fun aspect of fishkeeping, but before you do so, do your research to ensure that the fish you choose are compatible not only with each other, but with your lifestyle as well.

Jewel Cichlids
Choosing colorful jewel cichlids.

Keyhole Cichlids
I would like to keep keyhole cichlids with some other noncichlid fish.

Oscars: Aquarium Size and Filters
What size aquarium and what type of filters work best for messy oscars?

Salvin’s Cichlids (‘Cichlasoma’ salvini)
Information on the aggressive Salvin’s cichlids (‘Cichlasoma’ salvini).

Keeping and Breeding the Indian Glassfish
Setting up an aquarium to keep and breed this attractive tropical fish

Arapaima and Fish Aquariums
Can you keep an arapaima in a fish aquarium?

Aquarium Sturgeons
Many factors are considered for the care of sturgeons in an aquarium.

Cleaner Wrasse
The cleaner wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) does not make the best tenant for fish aquariums.

Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish
What are some colorful freshwater aquarium fish?

Discus Community
Are there any fish you can keep with discus in a community?

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