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Poecilia petenensis Choosing fish is by far the most fun aspect of fishkeeping, but before you do so, do your research to ensure that the fish you choose are compatible not only with each other, but with your lifestyle as well.

Demystifying the Varying Degrees of Swordtails and Platies
Swordtails and platies are hardy and beautiful aquarium residents.

Why Do Fish Jump Out of Water?
Certain tropical fishes are known for jumping out of the fish tank.

Why Aquarium Fish are Different Colors
Tropical and marine fish colors brighten up our tanks — and they also serve specific purposes in our fish’s wild habitats.

Plecos and Algae Eaters
Why do we keep selling hobbyists fish that are simply bad for their tanks?

Green Tetras
If it takes a beautiful and hardy glowing green fish to capture a kid’s attention and imagination, so be it.

Always Quarantine Your Fish
The use of a quarantine tank simply makes sense.

Aggressive Texas Cichlid
How can I stop my male Texas cichlid from being aggressive towards my female cichlid?

Angelfish Tankmates
What other fish can I keep with angelfish?

Apistogramma trifasciata Cichlid
Keeping Apistogramma trifasciata cichlids.

Cichlids and Swordtails
Which cichlid species can I keep with my red brick swordtails?

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