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Shipping Fish
How to safely ship a fish by airplane.

Fish Cloudy Eyes
Do you know what causes cloudy eyes in aquarium fish, and is there any way I can treat it?

How to Clean Your Aquarium
When cleaning your fish aquarium, don't destroy the good bacteria.

Aquarium Fish Aggression
Fish aggression and what makes fish fight. Understand fish behavior, and anticipate and prevent fish aggression problems in your aquarium.

Red Worms
Bonus content from the December 2009 AFI magazine column Freshwater Q&A.

Ghost Shrimp Aquarium Care
Bonus content from the July 2009 AFI magazine column Freshwater Q&A.

Algae Problem in your Fishtank? Find out Which Species Really Eat Algae
A guide to the fish and invertebrates that can help rid your aquarium of algae

Aquarium Fish Not Eating
Bonus content from the March 2010 AFI magazine column Freshwater Q&A.

Using Driftwood and Coconuts to Change Water Acidity
Q&A about using drifwood to change freshwater aquarium water acidity.

How to Get Your Fire Eel to Eat
Freshwater Q&A about what to do if your fire eel is not eating.

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