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Summary of Marine Fish Aquarium Families
An overview of fish that will do well for you in a marine aquarium.

Difficult Anemone Species
Bonus content from the November 2009 AFI magazine article Anemone Care and Nutrition.

Captive-Raised Live Rock
It seems that no one is addressing the significant fact that captive-raised live rock does not contain anywhere near the amount and variety of life as reef-collected rock.

Why the High Dropout Rate?
A lot of us have known for several years that the marine aquarium hobby was on the decline in popularity, but now we have data to prove it.

Summary of Marine Invertebrate Families
An overview of invertebrates that do well in captivity.

Aquarium Tang Fish
These colorful tang fish are community boosters.

Basic Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
Choosing the right filter and lighting depends on what you will keep in your saltwater aquarium.

Why Keep Marine Fish?
Guidelines and advice for keeping marine aquarium fish.

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