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Ich Treatments
There are a few freshwater ich treatment options you can use in your aquarium.

Interrupted Nitrogen Cycle
If your aquarium has been sitting empty, it may still have some beneficial bacteria.

Netting and Catching Aquarium Fish
Do you have any tips on netting and catching aquarium fish?

Controlling Snails
How can one safely control snails in a fish fry tank?

Transferring Fish to a Larger Tank
Transferring fish to a larger tank requires planning.

Collecting Fish From the Amazon
How do you collect your own aquarium fish from the Amazon or Malawi?

Breeding Zebra Danios
The zebra danio is an easy-to-breed egglayer.

Ram Fish Species
Why won’t my ram fish species breed?

Freshwater Clam Problems
The aquarium store called it a “shark tooth clam.” I was wondering if I could place it in my freshwater 20-gallon tank.

Fish Parasites, or Just Scavengers?
Identifying various flea-like" fish tank residents.

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