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Anatomy of a Mudskipper Habitat
AFI contributing author Stephen G. Noble discusses how he created one of his mudskipper habitats

How to Get Rid of Cloudy Aquarium Water
Follow these important tips for crystal clear aquarium water.

Cultivating Your Own Fish Food
Learn what you need to feed your fish only the best.

Brackish Plants
As long as they are acclimated to salt slowly, many plants can withstand brackish conditions.

The Aquabotanist: Low vs High Tech Planted Tanks Explained
Low tech is a more natural, slower approach to growing aquatic plants while high tech is more involved.

Three Types of Habitats for Your Mudskipper
Caring for mudskippers requires a little extra work, but they are actually easy to keep in a simple habitat, a beach setup or a paludarium.

The Aquabotanist: High Tech Planted Tanks and C02
How to determine the proper level of CO2 in a high tech planted tank

The Aquabotanist: Cleaning Planted Tank Substrate
How to clean your planted tank substrate and choose plants for a naturally illuminated tank.

The Ultimate Aquarium Thermometer Test
Just how accurate are aquarium thermometers? Results will surprise you.

Superior Model 91250 Utility Aquarium Pump
Great for ponds and large aquariums.

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