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Oscars: Aquarium Size and Filters
What size aquarium and what type of filters work best for messy oscars?

Salvin’s Cichlids (‘Cichlasoma’ salvini)
Information on the aggressive Salvin’s cichlids (‘Cichlasoma’ salvini).

Sexing Cichlids
How do you sex green Texas cichlids and Jack Dempseys?

Sexing Ram Cichlids
How do you determine the sex of ram cichlids?

Breeding Cichlids
What South American dwarf cichlid would be easy for a beginner to breed?

Fish Spawning Community
Getting your fish community prepared for spawning.

Gold Aureum" (Thorichthys helleri) Cichlid
Keeping the gold aureum" (Thorichthys helleri) cichlid.

Dealing With Dropsy
Keep your fish from falling victim to dropsy.

Taking a Vacation? What About the Fish?
There are several methods to feed fish in your absence.

Angelfish and Catfish
Over the years, my experience with Pterophyllum has shown them to be very efficient and determined predators of other cichlid fry.

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