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Saltwater Fish, Freshwater Dips
Freshwater dips provide a useful method for controlling the spread of external parasites on saltwater fish.

Overcoming the Shimmies in Tropical Fish
While most associated with mollies and guppies, the 'shimmies' can affect many other types of fish as well.

Aquarium Fish Euthanasia
Euthanizing and disposing of aquarium fish.

Aquarium Freshwater Algae
Learn how to treat freshwater algae in your aquarium before it adversely affects your tropical fish.

Camallanus worms
Camallanus worms are among the most commonly encountered internal parasites for aquarium fish.

Guppy Disease (Tetrahymena)
As its name suggests, guppy disease (Tetrahymena) is a major problem for those keeping guppies, but other types of fish can be affected too.

Hexamita: Fish Hole in the Head Disease
Identification and treatment of Hexamita or fish hole in the head disease.

Freshwater Ich
Diagnosis and treatment of freshwater ich.

Neon Tetra Disease
Despite the name, neon tetra disease can affect a range of other tetras besides neon tetras, and has been reported from a variety of other aquarium fish as well.

Aquarium Slime Disease
Aquarium fish slime disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

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