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Disappearing Fish
Mysterious fish disappearances are not uncommon in reef aquariums.

Gone, Gone, Gone
When the fish disappear, you've got real problems.

Help Your Marine Fish Thrive
Tips on marine fish nutrition, stress, quarantine and more.

Marine Fish Feeding Guilds
To provide the best care for your captive reef fish, know what they eat and how to feed them.

Red Algae in Marine Aquarium
Red algae is a common problem in marine aquariums, especially saltwater aquariums that have been operating for a while.

Salt in Fresh (Again)
Comments and criticisms concerning freshwater baths for marine fish.

Saltwater Aquarium pH
Is low pH a problem in a saltwater aquarium?

Viewing Aquarium Reef Lobsters
Bonus content from the April 2009 AFI magazine article Unlock the Secrets of Reef Lobsters.

Sea Slugs
Bonus content from the April 2010 AFI magazine article Slugs in the Reef Tank.

The Dragon Wrasse: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful
Novaculichthys taeniourus is one of those saltwater fish with a big personality

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