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Getting Rid of Ich on Fish and Aquariums
White spot disease, or ich, is caused by infestations of the parasite Ichthyophthirius multifiliis on fish.

Coldwater Ich Disease or Pox on Carp
The likelihood of koi having carp pox is rather, well, unlikely.

How to Treat a Fish with Red Spots
Know what you're treating before you medicate.

Fish Fungus and Scale Problems
Fungal infections are often the result of other diseases caused by poor water quality.

Focus on Good Pond Fish Husbandry
Don't focus on diagnosing fish diseases but rather focus on taking proper care of your pond fish.

Prevent Diseases in Pond Fish Before They Occur
Quarantine fish, keep pond fish density low, ensure pond fish have space to hide, and keep the pond water clean.

Deadly Dropsy Fish Disease
How to care for fish that have come down with dropsy.

Fish Mystery Disease
Don't fall victim to one of the most common afflictions of aquarists: imaginary fish disease syndrome.

Pond Ammonia Levels and Properly Cycling Your Pond
The amount of ammonia produced by fish does not determine the capacity or effectiveness of a biological filter.

Black Moor Fish Color Change
Why is my black moor fish changing color and not black anymore?

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