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New Generation Nano Tanks
The new nano tanks have better lighting and better filtration than what was available just a few years ago.

Plecos and Algae Eaters
Why do we keep selling hobbyists fish that are simply bad for their tanks?

Aquatic Ferns
Live plants make a tremendous difference in an aquarium.

A Case For Artificial Reefs
Artificial reefs, if done properly, can contribute much to the preservation and reconstruction of marine communities.

Designer Clownfish
While the market for $100 wholesale-cost clownfish may be somewhat limited, there are plenty of other designed clownfish that wholesale for between $20 and $50

'L' Number Plecos
Some of the more popular and better known “L” number plecos include the gold nugget varieties.

My New Fish Died
Every time a fish dies or a tank totally wipes out, especially with new hobbyists, we get ten times the bad publicity than what we get for a tank that does well

Always Quarantine Your Fish
The use of a quarantine tank simply makes sense.

Reverse Osmosis for Making Marine Tanks
The mantra of using reverse osmosis water for making salt water is something that you should have posted in a couple of places in your fish room.

Using System Saver II Salt in your Freshwater Tank
Water softening product from the little girl with the umbrella can work wonders.

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