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Make Sure Your CO2 Recipe Doesn’t Use Too Much Sugar
I just started a 30-gallon plant tank, and the do-it-myself CO2 system was adequate.

Beyond the Basics of CO2: Using a Compressed Gas System.
I have a 92-gallon corner tank with a wet/dry filter and have had the tank

Different Plants
Plants from the fish store, especially when fresh from the aquatic nursery, are stocked with nutrients, and they can survive on these for several weeks before they use up these stores and become deficient in nutrients.

Don't Change That pH!
I have two blue gouramis, two gold gouramis, and three cory catfish in a 10-gallon tank.

Echinodorus Problems
Suggestions for keeping Echinodorus plants alive and thriving.

Converting a Fish-Only Aquarium to a Planted Aquarium
There are only a couple of things you need to do to convert your fish-only aquarium to a planted tank.

Fuzzy Swordplants
Here are some tips on getting rid of black fuzz that appears on your swordplants.

Growing Plants Can Be High, Medium or Low Tech
I am often asked if there are really technologically advanced methods of aquatic gardening and if one is better than another for growing aquatic plants.

Growing Swordplants
Algae-eaters may destroy swordplants in your planted aquarium.

Hard-to-Grow Aquatic Plants
Here are some tips for growing difficult aquatic plants.

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