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Discus Community
Are there any fish you can keep with discus in a community?

Treating Fin Rot and Fungus
Do salt and higher temperatures get rid of fin rot and fungus?

Fish-only Versus Reef Tank
The pros and cons of reef aquariums.

Fish Tank Stocking Rules
Is there any rule that governs how many freshwater fish can be kept in a tank?

Freshwater Aquarium Filters
What type of filter is most suitable for a 55-gallon freshwater aquarium?

Converting a Freshwater Fish Tank to a Saltwater Fish Tank
Is it difficult to convert a freshwater fish tank to saltwater?

Freshwater Aquarium Sump
Is a sump a good idea for a freshwater aquarium?

German Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi)
Keeping the German blue ram cichlid fish.

Harlequin Tuskfish
Is the Harlequin tuskfish safe for a reef aquarium?

H.R. 669
FishChannel Columnist Jeremy Gosnell's View on H.R. 669.

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