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Aquarium Limited Resources
Making a reef aquarium work on limited resources can be possible.

Fluorescent Aquarium Tube Lights and Urchins Information
Bonus content from the August 2009 AFI magazine column Reef Aquarist.

Worms and Aquaria
Supplement to the November 2008 AFI magazine column Reef Aquarist.

Two More Innovations That Changed the Fishkeeping Hobby
Supplement to “Reef Innovations: Part One” by J.C. Delbeek, Aquarium Fish International magazine, September 2012, Vol. 24, No. 9.

Influential Reef Reading
The following publications represent some the most influential works in the history of reef keeping.

Dos and Don’ts of Coral Lighting
Bonus content from the 2012 Coral & Reef USA annual article Light Reading for Coralphiles.

Marine Aquarium Shrimp References
References for the 2013 Coral & Reef USA article “Scintillating Shrimp”

Aquarium Shrimp Taxonomy
A breakdown of ornamental shrimp taxonomy to supplement the 2013 Coral & Reef USA article Scintillating Shrimp

Close Cousins of Chelmon
These species are closely related to Chelmon and might be confused with them.

Reef Tanks: Almost a Science
Keeping reef tanks is based on science, but there are many ways to succeed.

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