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Tips on Keeping Aequidens rivulatus aka The Green Terror
Meet Aequidens rivulatus, an attractive cichlid that’s battling a bad reputation.

How to Maintain Your Aquarium Filter
Do you clean your filter often enough?

Aquarium Water Conditioners
Water conditioning makes your aquarium safe for fish – how exactly does it work?

Fish Aquarium Setup Decorations
Three creative fish aquarium setup decoration ideas.

Supplement to Three Mudskipper Habitats
Aquarium Fish International magazine, April 2012, Vol. 24, No. 4.

Aquarium Fish Adaptations
Bonus content from the July 2010 AFI magazine article Popular Plecos.

Picking a Plecostomus for your Aquarium
These popular loricariids are often misunderstood

Utricularia graminifolia
Bonus content from the Aquarium Fish International June 2012 column The Aquabotanist.

Lighting for Plants
Bonus content from the November 2009 AFI magazine article Illuminating Plant Lighting.

Adding and Premixing Salt for an Aquarium
Bonus content from the October 2010 AFI magazine article Sifting Through Salt.

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