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Four Popular Types of South American Catfish for Your Aquarium
While there are many South American catfish, these peculiar species are worth a closer look.

Aquarium Fish Deformities
Deformities are most commonly seen when aquarium fish have been inbred, though poor housing and diet can also cause them.

Aquarium Fish Mouth Fungus
Mouth fungus in aquarium fish is a bacterial infection, and needs to be treated with antibiotic or antibacterial medications.

Dropsy (edema), Malawi Bloat and Similar Syndromes
Identification, pathology, treatment and prevention for dropsy (edema), Malawi bloat and similar syndromes in aquarium fish.

Aquarium Fish Finrot
Identifying and treating aquarium fish finrot.

Aquarium Fish Constipation
Keep your aquarium fish free of constipation.

Fish Viral Disease
Information on fish viral diseases such as koi herpes virus (KHV), fish pox, lymphocystis, and dwarf gourami iridovirus (DGIV).

Aquarium Fish Fungus
Diagnosis and treatment of aquarium fish fungus.

Popeye in Fish
Identification, pathology, prevention and treatment of popeye in aquarium fish.

Red Blotch Disease in Corydoras Catfish
While common in Corydoras , Red blotch disease affects loaches and other bottom dwelling fish

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