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Scott W. Michael, Contributing Author

Scott W. MichaelScott W. Michael is an internationally recognized writer, underwater photographer and researcher specializing in elasmobranchs (i.e., sharks, skates and rays) and coral reef fishes. His passion for cartilaginous fishes resulted in his first book, Reef Sharks and Rays of the World (1994). He subsequently moved further down the food chain and began researching the behavioral ecology of reef fishes. In 1998, he started the first of a six-volume series on the fishes that inhabit coral reefs, entitled Reef Fishes. He has since written A Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Fishes (1999), Aquarium Sharks and Rays (2001), and Basslets, Dottybacks and Hawkfishes (Reef Fishes Volume 2) (2004).

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arrow Saltwater Attack of the Fish Ich
         How do you prevent a saltwater fish ich outbreak?

arrow Saltwater Hair Algae
        Hair algae has taken over my live rock and smothered my corals.

arrow Creole Wrasse Natural History
         Supplement to the November 2008 AFI magazine column
         "Saltwater Q&A."

arrow Copperbanded Butterflyfish
        The beautiful copperband butterfly is a fishkeeping challenge.

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