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Keeping Sharks in the Home Fish Aquarium
What sharks can you keep in a home fish aquarium?

Tank-Raised Saltwater Tropical Fish
There are some saltwater tropical fish species available that have been bred and raised in captivity.

How to Prevent and Cure Saltwater Ich
How do you prevent a Cryptocaryon irritans induced outbreak?

Fading Color in Fish
Why do some fish fade in color when maintained in captivity?

Using Freshwater to Treat Saltwater Fish
A freshwater bath is a useful treatment for saltwater parasites.

I have Aiptasia all over my tank and have been told I need to add a filefish.

Saltwater Hair Algae
Hair algae has taken over my live rock and smothered my corals.

Is there another way we can get rid of these successfully and completely — and never see them again?

Common Marine Fish Diseases
Be prepared to treat ich, marine velvet and anemonefish disease before your marine fish get sick.

Deadly Worms
Taking on the plague of the bristleworm.

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