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Steve Meyer, Contributing Author

Steve MeyerSteve Meyer’s “Ponds and Pond Fish” column was in the first issue of Aquarium Fish Magazine (Sept/Oct 1988) and continued until January 2006. Steve was quite knowledgeable about ponds, koi and goldfish, and was able to explain these sometimes complex topics in a way that was easy to understand for both pondkeepers and aquarists. His monthly columns — along with many feature articles in Aquarium Fish Magazine, Aquarium USA and Ponds Magazine — were filled with valuable information about all aspects of ponds and koi, and his advice about goldfish (in ponds and aquariums) placed the welfare of the fish ahead of everything else.

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arrow Goldfish and Koi Mas
         Some rules of thumb for measuring koi and goldfish weight.

arrow Pond Ammonia Levels and Cycling
        Will a pond's biological filter cycle with too few fish?

arrow Water Changes While Medicating
         Shouldn't the medication be allowed to build up over time?

arrow Breeding "Types" of Goldfish
        Goldfish characteristics come from selective breeding.

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Reader Comments

Brandon    Colton, CA

5/3/2015 1:24:21 AM

Hello, Mr. Meyer. I just wanted to point out that one of your answers to a question about goldfish gave what in my opinion was bad advice. This question was on the use of a chiller, which while I do believe it is optional should be encouraged for proper goldfish care. The reason for this is that at elevated temperatures goldfish experience negative growth because their digestive tracts simply cannot keep up with the increased demand for nutrients at a certain temperature. From what I understand this temperature is about 74 degrees farenheit, and while short term exposure to temperatures above this are not going to cause serious issues long-term exposure will.

Courtney    Crumpler, NC

9/13/2012 7:34:27 PM

Hello Mr. Meyer,
I had a few question concerning Goldfish in cattle trophs which I accidently submitted to the main expertise page, so this may be redundant if you have already seen my post, but I would really like your expertise. After reading your article, these are my remaining questions...1. How do the goldfish manage in winter snow conditions? 2. Is there a specific breed I should purchase? 3. How and how often should I test ph and ammonia levels? (or relating article) 4.. Are there any predators or precautions I should take for success in this endeavor? Again, thank you so very much for your time and I appreciate your expertise! P.s. they speak of you in past tense in this bio. so i hope very much that you are still around!

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