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Designer Shrimp: A New Aquarium Niche
Designer shrimp can complement the new nano tanks that have revolutionized the hobby.

20 Years of Aquarium Fish International
Throughout the 20 years Aquarium Fish International has been around, many things have changed in the hobby.

Display Tanks
Nothing sells fish and tanks better than an assortment of different types and sizes of aquariums

Kids and Hobbyists
Convey your enthusiasm for the fishkeeping and for fish in general

Biotope Tanks
How about a true South American blackwater biotope aquarium?

Brackish Tanks
Brackish aquariums can make nice second or third aquariums

There are many beautiful livebearers available

CO2 for Planted Tanks
There is nothing lovelier than a well-planted tank.

Water Testing
Testing/knowing the water parameters of an aquarium is very important.

Choosing an Aquatic Frog
It is very important to make sure of the species of frog you buy.

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