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J. Charles Delbeek, Contributing Author

J. Charles DelbeekJ. Charles Delbeek has been caring for marine organisms in closed systems for more than 30 years, and he currently maintains ten exhibits at the Waikiki Aquarium. A certified SCUBA diver, Charles has made more than 300 dives in locations throughout the world.

Charles has lectured at more than 40 aquarium-related conferences and meetings, and published approximately 40 articles in the popular aquarium literature. In addition to writing a monthly reef aquarium column for Aquarium Fish International, he has co-authored two popular aquarium books with Julian Sprung, The Reef Aquarium and The Reef Aquarium Volume 2.

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arrow High Phosphates
         When phosphates are high, even multiple filters won't help.

arrow Predators and Active Fish in a Reef Aquarium
        Predators and active schooling fish can make up an active tank.

arrow Bristleworm Outbreak
        Reef aquarium outbreak of bristleworms.

arrow Coral Crabs
        What's that crab doing in my coral?

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