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David Alderton, Contributing Author

Bill Allen David Alderton became transfixed with goldfish in early childhood, and has since followed them back to their Chinese homeland and Japan. He is an enthusiastic pond-keeper, with a keen interest in water lilies too, while indoors, he has gained considerable first-hand experience of keeping and breeding a wide range of tropical fish.

His books include The Encyclopedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish (Dorling Kindersley) as well as Bowtie’s Bettas & Gouramis, Cichlids and Livebearers, each written with the aim of focusing on behavior, and how this should influence the care of these different groups of fish. In the regulatory field, David has worked with PIJAC on coral and aquatic issues, and has been a speaker at various forums, including the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) conference. A graduate of Cambridge University, David is based in the UK and runs the website.

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         New research reveals the cause of the decline in Florida's elkhorn coral.

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        New study show serious declines, raising ecological worries.

arrow Many New Species of Australian Sharks and Rays
        Australian scientists have named and described more than100 new species of sharks and rays.

arrpw Swordtail Breeding
        Male swordtails use pheromones to encourage breeding. 
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