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AFI: The Movie
Editor's first stint with moviemaking turns out to be a fun, rewarding experience.

Aiptasia Anemone
Will the copper-banded butterflyfish take care of my Aiptasia problem?

Cost of Aqua-Cultured vs. Tanked-Raised Fish
Many variables are factored in when pricing aqua-cultured vs. tank-raised fish.

Feeding Fish While on Vacation
What's the best way to feed your fish while you are away on vacation?

Does Aquarium Water pH Matter?
Aquarium water pH is important in almost all situations.

Arapaima and Fish Aquariums
Can you keep an arapaima in a fish aquarium?

Sick Black Molly
A sick black molly and an overstocked aquarium.

Calcium Reactors and Small Polyp Stony (SPS) Corals
How are calcium reactors used and are they necessary for small polyp stony corals?

Aquarium Sturgeons
Many factors are considered for the care of sturgeons in an aquarium.

Cleaner Wrasse
The cleaner wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) does not make the best tenant for fish aquariums.

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