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FishChannel Caption Contest Winners

Check out the winning photo captions for the FishChannel Caption Contest.

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Congratulations To The Winners Of FishChannel's Caption Contest!

Caption winners were judged based on three criteria:
1. Creativity
2. Originality and Style
3. Cohesiveness with Image

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FishChannel Caption Contest June 2013

 parrotfish teeth Winning Caption:
"Puffer: Now how do I look? Rocks: Well, your teeth are growing too fast. Think you need some clam on a half shell."

FishChannel Caption Contest May 2013

 koi Winning Caption:
"They think I'm a tail gater"

FishChannel Caption Contest April 2013

 April Winning Caption:
"I'm one with the grass"

FishChannel Caption Contest February 2013

 February Winning Caption:
"Hey how is this for camo bet you he can't find me now"

FishChannel Caption Contest November 2012

 November Winning Caption:
"Uhhh, Which way did he go George. . . which way did he go?"

FishChannel Caption Contest July 2012

 July Winning Caption:
"Hey, guys! Leave some for me!"

FishChannel Caption Contest June 2012

 june Winning Caption:
"Hey!!! Who's fin was that?!?"

FishChannel Caption Contest May 2012

 may Winning Caption:
 "What was i doing? Errrr... nothing much!"

FishChannel Caption Contest April 2012

 Milletseed butterflyfish Winning Caption:
 "Talk about short-end of the stick, sheesh... i got a lil tail, a lil mouth, and tiny pecs(pectoral fins)."

FishChannel Caption Contest March 2012

 lionfish Winning Caption:
 "I am having a blue starry day!"

FishChannel Caption Contest January 2012

 pleco Winning Caption:
 "I'm the most beautiful thing ever... but don't get too close."

FishChannel Caption Contest December 2011

 Apple snails Winning Caption:
"Its my shell! Nor yours-- mine!  So get your stinking eyes off of it!"

FishChannel Caption Contest November 2011

 German Blue Ram Winning Caption:
"Hey, can't you see I'm turning blue here?  Please, turn up the heat!  Oh, and while I finally have your attention I could use new furniture, like a flat smooth rock. . . OK?

FishChannel Caption Contest October 2011

Gold Severum  Winning Caption:
"Yeah, yeah, I know I'm so beautiful, but could you stop staring at me? I mean, you are scaring all of my friends away you big bully."

FishChannel Caption Contest September 2011 Winning Caption September 2011 Winning Caption:
"Hey..... you up there with that big flashy thing, stop staring at me! Can't you see I'm angry?!

FishChannel Caption Contest August 2011 Winning Caption August 2011 Winning Caption:
"Pull the trigger!"

FishChannel Caption Contest July 2011 Winning Caption July 2011 Winning Caption:
"Oh my, I feel that Ms. Pearl can see right through me!"

FishChannel Caption Contest June 2011 Winning Caption June 2011  Winning Caption:
Shrimp:  Hey you! Up there! In the air! Gimme my spirulina! I will pinch and poke you if you don't!
Spirulina: No! I'm not ready to die!
Algae: Yes! I get to live for another mealtime!
Rock: . . .

FishChannel Caption Contest May 2011 Winning Caption May 2011 Winning Caption:
Mess Call by the Trumpet Fish

FishChannel Caption Contest April 2011 Winning Caption April 2011 Winning Caption:
Dave the Mudskipper's audition for Jaws 5.

FishChannel Caption Contest March 2011 Winning Caption March 2011 Winning Caption:
Hollywood Plastic Surgery Horror Stories

FishChannel Caption Contest February 2011 Winning Caption February 2011 Winning Caption:
No, my name isn't stumpy.

FishChannel Caption Contest January 2011 Winning Caption January 2011 Winning Caption:
Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me...

FishChannel Caption Contest December 2010 Winning Caption December 2010 Winning Caption:
Hey buddy! No mistletoe, no kisses!

FishChannel Caption Contest November 2010 Winning Caption November 2010 Winning Caption:
If you ask, "Polly want a cracker?" one more time, I will bite your nose off!

FishChannel Caption Contest October 2010 Winning Caption October 2010 Winning Caption:
My friends call me "Red."

FishChannel Caption Contest September 2010 Winning Caption September 2010 Winning Caption:
Oh Harry! I’m just so embarrassed, I don’t know what to say!

FishChannel Caption Contest August 2010 Winning Caption August 2010 Winning Caption:
Are you my mommy?

FishChannel Caption Contest July 2010 Winning Caption July 2010 Winning Caption:
You talkin' to me?

FishChannel Caption Contest June 2010 Winning Caption June 2010 Winning Caption:
The term "peppermint" shrimp doesn't describe my taste, just my appearance!
Help, I'm a not a candy!

FishChannel Caption Contest May 2010 Winning Caption May 2010 Winning Caption:
Yeah yeah, I know, "why the long face?"
Ha ha, very funny!

FishChannel Caption Contest April 2010 Winning Caption April 2010 Winning Caption:
Hand over the brine shrimp, and nobody gets hurt.

FishChannel Caption Contest March 2010 Winning Caption March 2010 Winning Caption:
What do you mean I'm hogging the heater?

FishChannel Caption Contest February 2010 Winning Caption February 2010 Winning Caption:
Leaf me alone! I'm hiding here!

FishChannel Caption Contest January 2010 Winning Caption January 2010 Winning Caption:
I should have listened to Mom when she told
me not to play with the Methylene Blue!

FishChannel Caption Contest December 2009 Winning Caption December 2009 Winning Caption:
My barbels are getting long, must find a barbel barber.

FishChannel Caption Contest November 2009 Winning Caption November 2009 Winning Caption:
Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into.

FishChannel Caption Contest October 2009 Winning Caption October 2009 Winning Caption:
Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.

FishChannel Caption Contest September 2009 Winning Caption September 2009 Winning Caption:
What are you looking at?
Haven't you ever seen a fish before?

FishChannel Caption Contest August 2009 Winning Caption August 2009 Winning Caption:
We've come to this castle to save the Damselfish in distress.

FishChannel Caption Contest July 2009 Winning Caption July 2009 Winning Caption:
Don't make me angry ... you won't like me when I'm angry!
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FishLUVER    payson, UT

8/8/2012 2:42:06 PM

How do you submit your ideas?

Rex    Alachua, FL

5/4/2012 12:49:24 PM

these are fun. its nice to see others creative views on all the different things on here.(avatars, tank set-ups, and this of course)

Rhianna    Lousiville, KY

10/5/2011 3:26:19 PM

I really like the latest caption, very funny! :)

Amber    Stuart, FL

9/20/2011 5:51:24 AM

Nice captions guys!

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