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Fish Biz BuzzFish Biz Buzz encompasses FishChannel contributor David Lass's take on the aquarium fish industry honed from more than 50 years in the business. 


New Tropical Fish Foods
The variety and quality of new tropical fish foods now available has made it possible for us to maintain almost any tropical fish or invertebrate in excellent condition.


Aquaculture Vs. Wild-Caught Aquarium Fish
Is it better for the environment for most (perhaps all) of the fish and invertebrates sold in the aquarium hobby to be aquacultured or to be wild-caught, albeit with sustainable harvesting methods?


Plants or Driftwood or Rocks
Driftwood or rocks with live plants growing on them have become an important item for most of the large aquatic plant nurseries.


Ornamental Shrimp
Ornamental shrimp are great for aquariums, and they are perfect for the small nano-tanks that are so popular today.


One of the most overlooked groups of aquarium fish are the rainbowfish.


Non-Aquatic Plants
Local fish stores and big box pet stores have always sold various plants that are not true aquatics – non-aquatic plants that will very soon die in completely submersed growing conditions.


Hang On Back (HOB) Filters
There is a new generation of hang on back (HOB) filters for aquariums that are being offered by the major aquarium filter manufacturers, and they are definitely an improvement.


Algae-Eating Fish
Good, and not so good, aquarium algae-eating fish.


Aquarium LED Lighting
LED lighting for aquariums continues to improve.


Freshwater Nano Tanks
Fish for freshwater nano tanks.


Two New Ram Fish
I am very pleased that there are two relatively new varieties of ram fish available in the aquarium hobby.


Dyed, Painted and Tattooed Aquarium Fish
I am completely opposed to dyed, painted or tattooed tropical fish.


Commercial breeders of tropical fish have adopted many of the scientific breakthroughs in genetic manipulation, and have come up with quite a few fish that exist nowhere in nature. Some folks deride these fish, and call them Frankenfish.


Discus Fish
Discus fish have a reputation for being difficult fish to keep, but most discus available today do not deserve that reputation.


Buy Florida Aquarium Fish
It's important to buy aquarium fish from Florida Tropical Fish Farmers.


The Nitrogen Cycle
As a retailer, you can dramatically reduce the problems that aquarium hobbyists, especially first-timers, have with the nitrogen cycle.

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