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Get Into Reef Aquarium Sponges
These remarkable aquarium inhabitants can be relatively easy to care for, provided they are treated properly from the point of harvest and beyond.


Alpine Lakes Hurt by Fish Stocking
Studies show that stocking fish into once “fishless” alpine lakes is a misguided practice exacting a heavy toll on fragile alpine aquatic ecosystems.


Be a Fishkeeping First
In the ever-evolving aquarium hobby, even you could be responsible for a fishkeeping first.


BowTie, Inc.'s Office Tanks
There are four freshwater desktop tanks at the BowTie, Inc. office.


Fish Products Galore
Every year the Global Pet Expo trots out myriad new products for fish and other pets.


The Madrona Marsh
From eyesore to marshy goodness, the 43-acre Madrona Marsh in Torrance, California, is the last vernal marsh in the Los Angeles Basin.


Last-of-its-Kind Ocean Voyage
The SS United States was once the pride of the U.S. fleet, but the historic vessel is in danger of ending up in the scrap yard.


Fish and Popular Culture
Fish are everywhere in popular culture – movies, television, advertising and product branding – you just have to look.


Saints 31, Katrina 0
Super Bowl win by the Saints is just another stop on the Gulf Region’s road to recovery since Hurricane Katrina.


Piscine News Potpourri
Despite natural disasters and Capitol Hill goings-on, fish have still garnered their share of news headlines, but that’s not necessarily a good thing these days.


Behind the Scenes at Shark Reef Aquarium
See what it takes to not just run a 1.6-million-gallon aquarium, but to do it in a smart and eco-friendly way.


Sin City’s “Green” Shark Reef Aquarium
In trendy Las Vegas, Shark Reef Aquarium uses its unique motif to help educate and to complement its commitment to doing things “green.”


Native Cultures and Fishes
In centuries past, subsistence cultures relied heavily on local fisheries for sustenance to where some fish like salmon were even venerated.


Aquariumkeeping Resolutions
It’s a new year, so why not give your aquariumkeeping the jolt it needs by following through with one of these hobby resolutions?


Fishes Vegas Style
The glitzy Las Vegas Strip has plenty of attractions to keep the attention of fishkeepers.


Shifting Ocean Sands
Storms aren’t all destruction; in fact, some move tons of ocean sand overnight to reveal natural and historic surprises.

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