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Invertebrate Ride

Invertebrates don’t mind hitchhiking on the backs of others from time to time.

Posted: February 26, 2010

By Jackie Brown

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Invert Ride
Invert Ride.

One of my favorite things about keeping a reef tank is the interesting behaviors you’re bound to see from the various critters in the tank. Fish are always fun, but I really love our inverts, too. My cleaner shrimp is always out and about, and it’s always so fascinating to watch our emerald crab as it cruises around the tank, eating algae from the rocks.

Some of our larger snails often grow tufts of algae on their shells (they sometimes even collect bubble algae, a pest we have fought to eradicate in the tank). Recently, as my husband and I were observing the tank, we spied something new. The emerald crab was hitching a ride on one of our snails and enjoying an algae snack (talk about fast food!). I ran for the camera to snap a picture. Hope you enjoy!

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Invertebrate Ride

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Reader Comments

Dot    Hawk Junction, ON

4/25/2012 5:09:03 AM

That is funny stuff. Great article

taylor    lawton, OK

4/14/2010 10:36:28 AM

ive noticed alot of different kinds of inverts that i guess tagged along on the live rock and coral pieces that i have procreated. i currently have 5 salt water aquariums with different pieces from many different suplliers and in each tank there are at least 3 different species of things that i cant identify if i upload pictures of them could somebody help me with that?

Tommy    Pcoatello, ID

3/3/2010 9:24:43 AM

awsome pic

P    Peru, IN

3/1/2010 5:11:03 PM

that is funny, I have an emerald, but I never see him - ever. Maybe once a month I see him scramble then gone !

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