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Jackie Brown's Confessions of a Reef Addict
This is no longer an active exclusive. You can read the archives below.

march 5, 2010 
Marine Ich and Quarantine Almost Over
With the aquarium fishes quarantine period halfway completed, it is easier to envision a reef tank once again filled with colorful fishes.

february 26, 2010 
Invertebrate Ride
Invertebrates don’t mind hitchhiking on the backs of others from time to time.

february 19, 2010
Marine Ich Outbreak Explained?
Could stress caused by a heater failure have triggered the marine ich outbreak?

february 12, 2010 
No More Spots!
A quick intervention and the proper hospital setup results in fish being saved.

february 4, 2010 
Hospital Tank
We have set up the hospital tank and are treating our fish.

january 29, 2010
Marine Ich Outbreak
The value of quarantining cannot be overstated, especially when a tank becomes compromised from an unknown source.

january 22, 2010
Shrimp Cleans Fish
Symbiotic pact develops between a goby and a shrimp, as they tend to one another’s needs.

january 8, 2010
Rock-Bottom Aquarium Planning
Often subject to short-cutting, planning even down to what kind of rock you want in your aquarium is critical, as mistakes are easier to rectify on paper than after set up.

december 31, 2009
As the Fish Turn
Fish video chronicling fish and corals is fun and fulfilling.

december 23, 2009 
Bubble-Tip Anemone Update
Bubble-tip settles on an out-of-the-way spot in the tank, presenting a dilemma for clownfish and reef aquarist alike.

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