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Freshwater from N. Liberty


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Name: weezel77

Size/Category 40-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
8 - ghost shrimp
1 - golden nugget pleco
1 - red tail shark
1 - angelica catfish
5 - lg tiger barbs
2 - Kuhli Loach
2 - Peppered Cory

Lighting: standard, with plans to ad some red led to better view my nighttime fish

Filtration: magnium 350 canister, undergravel filter powered by an aquaClear powerhead50, and regular air pump


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Sweet tank, here is a vote!

Come visit me, FlippyFins.

10/10/2009 09:35.56 AM Report This Comment
Sweet tank here is a vote!!

Come visit me, FlippyFins.

08/18/2009 10:03.28 AM Report This Comment
Cool Tank!
That's a really cool setup!

Come visit me, Bettaman, BettaFanatic & NativeFish Lover.

05/26/2009 03:15.49 AM Report This Comment
Did you end up getting any new fish? Vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

10/14/2008 04:23.01 PM Report This Comment
Well, that is bad those angels died, but better for the fish store than you. I would be so worried about what to add with those barbs. They are such great fish, but boy do they nip. You will have to keep me up dated if you do get anything. I really enjoy my hatchet fish. But I don't know if the barbs would leave them alone. They swim together and more towards the top of the tank. I have a small shool of serpae tetra's. (I might have spelled that wrong) But they are red and black. They are real nice fish. They hang out together. They were real cheap too. I figured that since they were so cheap, they wouldn't live long. I have had mine well over a year now. Well Good Luck.. Leaving you a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

10/03/2008 03:58.54 PM Report This Comment
Great to hear from you. My koi angels have black on them. If you plan on breeding them, look close to the shape of the top of the nose. You can see a difference. Hopefully you will be able to get both sexes. I am so excited for you. About the tiger barbs. I think that would be bad to have them in with your angels. They are such fin nippers. I have had them before but not with my angels. My clown loach does real well with the angels. My sharks too. Please keep me updated on how it all goes. Hope you can put some pictures up of them. I think you have such a cool looking tank. Vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

09/16/2008 04:21.47 PM Report This Comment
No Prob
I check ur page cuz someone said it was tight and it is. I wish I had a theme mines random but urs is a medevil theme so one knightly vote.

Come visit me, Carson, Leahanne (In Loving Memory) & Brandon.

08/14/2008 02:42.10 PM Report This Comment
Well thought I would just drop by and place a vote. Also I love the castle tank and come visit.

Come visit me, Carson, Leahanne (In Loving Memory) & Brandon.

08/13/2008 10:26.09 AM Report This Comment
Dropping by to place a vote! Take Care!!

Come visit me, The Auglaize river, The Maumee river, The Little Auglaize river & The Ottawa river.

08/12/2008 04:25.56 PM Report This Comment
hows it goin?? i hope everything is going alright! Well good luck and hope u excel, ur fish friend from nebraska!

Come visit me, Pinktaylor17.

08/08/2008 05:48.48 PM Report This Comment
I think stress coat would work ok. Good thing you caught it early. I bought a 29 gallon tank on July 4th weekend and am still waiting for my water chemistry to balance out before I go and add the fish I want. I am getting impatient. Right now I have some goldfish in it. I am thinking of getting 2 angelfish, a red-tailed shark and some hatchetfish. The fish I really like is the arowana but my tank is too small. I am glad you got the algae eater out of your tank. Here's a vote.

Come visit me, Community Tank.

07/31/2008 08:02.19 AM Report This Comment
Those angels of mine are KOI angels. They were about the size of a quarter when I got them. I thought they were pretty. Well the older and bigger they get, the more colorful they get. I am very pleased with them. When I got these, I was first looking at a pair of brown angels. I wanted them real bad. But my fish store buddy said that they would get quite aggressive toward my blushing angels. So he talked me into the koi angels. But he has been so good to me and he knows his fish. So I went with his advice. I have had 2 gourami in my life and both times they have been bad news for me. The first time I got one, when I put it in my tank, it flipped out and ran into the heater so hard that it broke the glass. Next morning he was dead. The second gourami was a blue one. So pretty. Then it started nipping the angels fins. I took him out for a month. Tried him again and he started right in on the angels. He is now at a friends house living with a Jack Dempsey. So I really couldn't tell you if guppies would do well in there. I have my guppies and platy together and they get along fine. I did have my platy with my angels for awhile. That was fine, cept the angels eat the fry as soon as they are born. I tried to put the platy in a breeder cage for the drop, and the angels still nipped between the slates and ate the fry. So since I was having to take the platy out to drop, I decided to put them with the guppies. Hope you have a good night. Here is a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

07/28/2008 06:32.04 PM Report This Comment
their a conacle beam the greens are very bright the blue is dull as heck and the purple are kinda of brighter then the blue and they stick so easly and can even be set in the gravel for upward lighting

Come visit me, lungfishtank.

07/28/2008 01:44.27 PM Report This Comment
the company that makes mine is miracle beam and the led lights came with suction cups they were part of a slighty larger piece thats all plug and play of water proof lights and and a 3 inch wide by 6 inch long suction on the outside mounting power unit i found them at petco. they were origanaly ment for nocturnal salt water fish but their safe for fresh to im going to try getting a pic of the unit so people know what im talking about cuz a lot of people have asked where i got them and they do cost 25 to 30 bucks for two lights and the power unit and each individual light is 10 to 12 bucks and one unit holds up to 5 lights

Come visit me, lungfishtank.

07/28/2008 01:29.55 PM Report This Comment
Welcome here! Have a great time here!

Come visit me, Dad's Goldfish Tank & Charlotte's Aquarium.

07/27/2008 04:53.32 AM Report This Comment
welcome to fish channel weezel77. Sweet tank, here is a vote!

Come visit me, FlippyFins.

07/26/2008 09:14.33 PM Report This Comment
It was just in my latest fish magazine. I guess they eat the body slime off other fish and the magazine says it will eventually kill them. The magazine said that fish stores really shouldn't even sell chinese algae eaters and they don't actually even eat the algae from the tank. I personally have never had one but I just thought I would let you know what I read. I would hate to see you lose your other fish.
Here's another vote :-)

Come visit me, Community Tank.

07/26/2008 01:37.15 PM Report This Comment
I usually prefer natural aquarium decorations, but I love castle! I may have to do a tank with something like that sometime!

Come visit me, Fish Friend (Fresh 40), Fish Friend (Salt 55), Fish Friend (Fresh 29) & Fish Friend (Fresh 35).

07/26/2008 05:34.51 AM Report This Comment
Welcome to the club. Great looking tank. I'd love to see more pictures of your tank and fish. Here is a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

07/26/2008 04:55.52 AM Report This Comment
You got my vote
nice tank

Come visit me, kklopping.

07/26/2008 04:33.07 AM Report This Comment
No problem on the vote!! I actually enjoy this website! I hope you'll be a active member! Here's a vote! Killer Aquarium!!

Come visit me, The Auglaize river, The Maumee river, The Little Auglaize river & The Ottawa river.

07/25/2008 08:13.56 PM Report This Comment
Welcome to the club; I like your's another vote.

Come visit me, Barbiedee.

07/25/2008 06:39.57 PM Report This Comment
thanx for the visit and yeah the leds i just keep on 24/7 so that the two dont turn agressive during lights out and i use green and blue which the green are so bright my room looks like an alien landing zone but they are great for the average tank of 20 or more gallons

Come visit me, lungfishtank.

07/25/2008 12:11.13 PM Report This Comment
nice tank
keep up the great work

Come visit me, my Betta, Bill Coco, William Coco & my fresh water tank.

07/25/2008 04:21.41 AM Report This Comment
Very cool tank - watch the chinese algae eater - I read they will eventually kill your other fish. Here's a vote for you :-)

Come visit me, Community Tank.

07/25/2008 03:55.55 AM Report This Comment
That is picture perfect!! Very nicely dine ! Good Job! Here's my vote!! take Care!

Come visit me, The Auglaize river, The Maumee river, The Little Auglaize river & The Ottawa river.

07/24/2008 03:55.07 PM Report This Comment
cool mid evil theme heres a vote

Come visit me, lungfishtank.

07/24/2008 02:32.29 PM Report This Comment

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