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Freshwater from Centerville

Living Room Community Tank

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Active within 3047 Days

Name: Deepblue

Size/Category 150-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
8 - Harlequin Rasbora
3 - Parkinson's Rainbow Fish
3 - Turquoise Rainbow Fish
3 - Twig Catfish
2 - Angelfish
5 - Bronze Cory
3 - Clown Loach
5 - Otocinclus
2 - Pearl Gourami
1 - Three-Spot Gourami
3 - Upside-Down Catfish

Lighting: Nova Extreme Pro T5,
LED blue night lighting

Filtration: Just changed to a Rena Filstar xP

Invertebrates: some snails, mostly gone, thank yous to the clown loaches!

Other Accessories: Live plants, rocks and logs. March 26th plants added Anubias coffeefolia, Four Leaf Clover, Java Fern, Bravilian Sword. April 1st added Anubias hastifolia, Amazon Sword, Myrio.

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I've had 1946 friends visit me.

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124 friends have voted for me since I joined Fish eClub!

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09/09/2009 08:46.55 AM Report This Comment
Stopped by to leave you a vote. Have a greatt day.

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

02/09/2009 08:40.10 AM Report This Comment
Does anyone have advice on how to treat ich ? I have 4 clown loaches, elephant nose, red-tailed shark, angelfish, glofish and one common goldfish. The clowns are the only ones with the ich right now. I am treating with AquariSol and raised my temp to 82 degrees. Any help would be appreciated.

Come visit me, Community Tank.

08/31/2008 12:35.41 PM Report This Comment
Sorry to hear about the ick my friend. That is no fun. Hope the fish survived well.

Come visit me, Bubbleboy.

07/17/2008 02:09.19 PM Report This Comment
I just wanted to say hi and sorry if I haven't been on in a while. I feel pretty bad about it. But I'm back. Yay. I'm sorry about the ick too. That's never good. have you tried a salt bath? That usually does it. Or crank up the temperature a little each day to around 80 degrees has worked before. Whatever happens, good luck.

Come visit me, Bubbleboy.

06/15/2008 04:13.52 PM Report This Comment
I stopped to visit your page. Wow a 150 gallon tank! I just upgraded from 10 to 30 gallon!

Come visit me, & .

06/11/2008 08:43.18 PM Report This Comment
How's it going with you? How's the babies? Everyone happy, bride and groom too? Sounds like you're still very busy. Just checking in on you. take care, vote.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

06/02/2008 05:13.32 PM Report This Comment
thanx for the coments gave u another vote!!

Come visit me, Pinktaylor17.

05/26/2008 05:59.17 PM Report This Comment
I am sorry that your fry ate your other fry they look so cute in the pics. And i luv the variety in your tank they look so happy. I love tons of fish but my three favorite fish is gouramis,discus, and cichlids. My fish are doing fine but those pics are getting older now (like 3 months) and if u know a little bit about cichlids they grow real quick. so my jack and convict was about 1 1/2 in those pics, and now my jack is about 3 1/2 and convict is about 2 1/2 inches. So ya they got bigger. Well good luck and hope you excel, your fish friend from Nebraska

Come visit me, Pinktaylor17.

05/24/2008 02:05.36 PM Report This Comment
I bet there's tons of prep for the wedding. Is it still the brides family pays for it, lol. Or has that gone by the wayside with women's lib and all that? All my money went into my tank and down the bird's throats (bird food is so expensive) so thank god I don't have any kids to marry off! Enjoy, you'll have to post a pic of the bride and groom. Vote.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

05/20/2008 05:54.26 PM Report This Comment
Marrying off the son?! A big day/week ahead for sure. Well I'm sure that ya'll are looking forward to wedding, I'm sure it will be a momentous event!! My son just attended his Jr Prom this past Saturday, that was a big day for us. I imagine we've still got a couple of years before we plan a wedding. Well, best of luck,leaving ya with a vote.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

05/19/2008 05:27.33 AM Report This Comment
Happened to see that your son is getting married next weekend. Congratulations on the family expansion. Have a great wedding! Vote.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

05/18/2008 05:27.19 PM Report This Comment
Hello again
It's been a little while since I stopped by. Hope all is well with you and yours. I try to keep good contact with all you fine fishy folks happens! :) Leaving you with a vote. Blog when you can. Later, Gwen

Come visit me, the2larues.

05/18/2008 01:42.06 PM Report This Comment
How's it going? Hope your having a great weekend. I see you haven't been on for a few days. Hope all is well. I just stopped in to say hi. Here is a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

05/17/2008 03:56.11 PM Report This Comment
Hey DB
Just thought I'd drop by to leave a vote and tell ya I posted some pictures of some of my newest livestock. Thought ya might like to come by and check 'em out. Leavin' ya with a vote.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

05/14/2008 10:30.21 AM Report This Comment
Glad to hear from you my friend.Heres a vote for you to.I put the 4 oldest fry into my tank the other day.The other fish seem to be letting them alone.The 5 new ones are still in the brooder thing.I'm down to only 1 pygmy cory now.I started out with three but two didn't make it.I'm not going to try any more cory.I'll just stick with one pleco and the molly's.Take care now my friend.See ya later.

shannon, Temple, PA.

05/12/2008 11:57.13 AM Report This Comment
Lets see......add a little substrate one week......a few plants.....maybe that fish is just happy where it is! Maybe it needs someone to keep it company! could happen. It would make perfectly good sense to ME! Of course a vote.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

05/11/2008 11:34.16 AM Report This Comment
My kids both live about an hour away from me. I see them a couple times a month. But we all have free nights on our cell phones, so we talk a lot. They are real good about sending me pictures on the computer. my husband and I are lucky we have good jobs. But our town is small so the kids had to go to a bigger place to get good jobs. I'll talk to you late. Almost have this week whipped. Here is a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

05/08/2008 04:10.08 PM Report This Comment
Hello again!
Talked to George (the main fish orderer in this family) LOL and we've bought fish from both sites. He thinks Oddball has better stock. Hope this helps. Gwen

Come visit me, the2larues.

05/07/2008 12:43.12 PM Report This Comment
I resemble that remark......
Boy do I know just EXACTLY what you're talking about. I too have used the "quarentine tank" excuse. It worked great too up until I bought a new fish that REALLY DID need to be quarentined. By then the "quarentine tank" was full of live rock, corals and other fish. The excuse unravelled completely when I had to go out and buy another tank. And of course, once that fish came out, it was a shame for the NEW tank to just sit there all fish to keep it company......oh what the heck! WE ARE NOT ALONE IN OUR ADDICTION. Charter member of AKA, Aquarium Keepers Anonymous. My name's Nep2Ns PlumR and I'm and aquarium junky!! Good chatting with ya, leaving a vote.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

05/07/2008 12:14.48 PM Report This Comment
You sound like you can practice restraint. Me on the other hand, I haven't been running a year yet and I don't want to know how much I've spent. I have a cockatoo on my arm who refuses to get off making it very hard to type so I bid you a vote and goodbye for now.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

05/05/2008 05:01.57 PM Report This Comment
Oh, if I had only known how broke I'd end up from the just gotta have its and what was necessary, maybe I would have thought twice too. Then again maybe not....I do love it and we only go round this once so we may as well enjoy it right? You obviously spend a pretty penny on your beautiful setup. Well friend, here's a vote.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

05/04/2008 01:41.07 PM Report This Comment
No that was not a mis-type on the sie of my angelfish. I have hated putting him in there but I wanted new fish so bad in my 29 gallon. Please start voting for my Ryan Miller set-up. Thanks

Come visit me, Naturalandfake.

05/04/2008 10:24.16 AM Report This Comment
Very lovely tank. Wish I had room for a big one like that. Isn't it a wonderful wallet breaking addiction? I don't think I've enjoyed a hobby this much ever! Vote for this tank as well as Fred.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

05/03/2008 03:56.28 PM Report This Comment
My turn to laugh
That is funny. Welcome to a wonderful addiction!!! Bring your money, your time and every empty corner of your home and join in!!!!! There are just so many different plants and fishes and corals and invertebrates. How can someone be expected to limit themselves to just one tank?!?! When I had 9 going, three were part of an aquaculture system I had set up (took up all of what was suppose to be the guest bedroom). I had three tanks 6' long by 2' wide by 9" deep that I raised assorted corals in. Sold most to LFSs and a few to close friends. Figured out after a couple of years that after I paid for the salt, supplements and power bill, I was just barely breaking even.(Supporting the habit.) Got to where I spent all of my time doing maintenance and never had time to just sit back and enjoy. So that brings me to my ONE TANK. Hopefully this will feed the need, we'll see. Thanks for sharing that story, I guess it's not just me. Have a great day, and of course a vote.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

05/03/2008 06:46.45 AM Report This Comment
Just dropin by
Thought I'd swing by and drop off a vote. I've kept a little freshwater, and to me saltwater is easier. Go figure! I seem to struggle with freshwater. Would love to try freshwater again, but I promised my wife when I took on my current project that I would keep only the one tank. (I'm already renigging, pushing for a nano for a mantis shrimp.) I'd probably get shot if I tried for another. A couple of years ago I had 9 tanks going at one time. She was more than happy to give up part of the living room to get me down to one!! Take care.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

05/01/2008 06:36.45 PM Report This Comment
hey how ya doin? i have not been on for some time ether. sorry to hear about ick. the fry are realy must be exciteing watching them grow. i must go talk soon left ya a vote for very cool little ones

Come visit me, discuskevs 90, discuskevspond, discuskevsbreeders, discuskevs20 & discuskevs55.

04/30/2008 07:42.16 PM Report This Comment
What teeny-tiny little guys!! Here's a vote!

Come visit me, ChickenCoop ~ I'm Back!.

04/29/2008 04:32.38 PM Report This Comment
Hey if your out surfing pages stop by mine. I posted a new one of my koi angel. They are really growing fast and the bigger they get the more colorful they become. I also posted a picture of some of my platy and I got one (not the greatest) of my clown loach. He makes me so mad. He is always in the front of the tank showing off. Til I get the camera out. Left you a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

04/28/2008 05:04.09 PM Report This Comment
Just popping in to give you a vote. The weekends sure do fly by fast. I was sick all day today. I just got some supper down me and I feel ok right now. So I didn't get the things done that I wanted to. Will have to see if I can do a little extra each night this week to get things caught up. Hope you have a good week. Leaving you with a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

04/27/2008 04:37.26 PM Report This Comment
Very Nice
That's a great tank. The aquascaping is very nicely done. Really like the pics too. Definately a vote.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

04/27/2008 05:41.41 AM Report This Comment
my baby sword tails are growing fast ill have more pics of them soon

Come visit me, Fishes.

04/26/2008 01:00.23 PM Report This Comment
No eggs yet. But they are still cleaning on the filter tube. They wont let any of the other fish over in that part of the tank. guess I will just wait and see if they lay eggs. If so I am going to try to put them or some in the trap box. Doubt it will work, but I guess it is worth a try. I need to place a flower pot or a plate in that corner. It is fun to watch them. Leaving you with a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

04/23/2008 04:08.26 PM Report This Comment
I have a couple questions that you might be able to help me out with. I think that my blushing angels are a pair and they are showing signs of breeding. They have been very aggressive towards each other for a few days now. I read that they will flash thier fins and lock jaws. Mine are. The smaller angel is getting a bigger belly. (Maybe eggs) They are cleaning my filter tube.What I read said they will do that when they find a spawning site. How did you get your fry into a breeder trap? I would think if they lay the eggs, they will be stuck to wherever they are laid. If they live and start to absorb the shell , I should be able to see them start to wiggle. I read that it is rare to raise new fry in a comunity tank. But if I could get them into my trap. maybe I could get them started. Do you have any idea's for me? They say they will lay eggs every 2 to 3 weeks and that most of the time they fry are lost for starters. I can't see any eggs, but my angels are keeping the other fish away from that corner. Would the eggs be white or clear? Oh my, this is so exciting. I left you a vote...

Come visit me, Rhonda.

04/22/2008 07:16.27 PM Report This Comment
Love the fry's
Hope the ich is going well. I'm going through ich again with some new fish I got. Never any fun, but at least they are in QT. Hope your's go well. Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Mysmalltank.

04/22/2008 09:25.35 AM Report This Comment
Fry are so cool. I only breed guppies and have bred convicts before but it is still so cool to watch them swim around all on their own. Take care and here is a vote.

Come visit me, Algae Shrimp, Starfish43, Blue Crayfish & Fugly.

04/21/2008 06:14.42 PM Report This Comment
I am so excited about your cory fry. Is this the first time? My trap box is nothing fancy. I would say it is a 6x8 inch box. Has a v bottom insert that the fry can slip through. It only has the one holding tank, but it is big enough that I could put a couple female guppies in if I thought they were both close enough to the drop. I wasn't going to get one until I realized the fry could get sucked up in the filter. I hope the start of your week is going good. Here is a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

04/21/2008 05:03.48 PM Report This Comment
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